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vrvis::RasterData Class Reference

Interface representing rastered (pixel) data that can be displayed in a LayerComponent. More...

#include <RasterData.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for vrvis::RasterData:

vrvis::ImageBand< DataTypeT > List of all members.

Public Member Functions

virtual ~RasterData (void)
virtual void load (void)=0
 Load the contained pixel data into memory.
virtual void unload (void)=0
 Unload the contained pixel data from memory.
virtual void getSizeInPixels (int &rPixelsX, int &rPixelsY) const =0
 Return raster size in pixels.
virtual double * getValues (void) const =0
 Return pointer to the value storage.

Protected Member Functions

 RasterData (void)

Detailed Description

RasterData is a purely abstract interface to be implemented by classes that want to be displayed in a LayerComponent. It asks for features like providing access to size and data information as well as possibilities for data loading and unloading.
Classes that implement the RasterData interface need to have their pixel data represented as a normalized, two-dimensional array of double in row-major order!
See also:

Writing VRVis extensions

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual vrvis::RasterData::~RasterData void   )  [inline, virtual]


vrvis::RasterData::RasterData void   )  [inline, protected]

Protected constructor, to be called by implementing classes only.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void vrvis::RasterData::getSizeInPixels int &  rPixelsX,
int &  rPixelsY
const [pure virtual]

Return the size of the rastered data in pixels.

[out] rPixelsX Return width in pixels.
[out] rPixelsY Return height in pixels.

Implemented in vrvis::ImageBand< DataTypeT >.

virtual double* vrvis::RasterData::getValues void   )  const [pure virtual]

Return a pointer to the memory where the pixel values are stored. The RasterData should be loaded first.

Pointer to the double data storage.
See also:

Implemented in vrvis::ImageBand< DataTypeT >.

virtual void vrvis::RasterData::load void   )  [pure virtual]

Load the pixel data the implementing class represents into memory.

Implemented in vrvis::ImageBand< DataTypeT >.

virtual void vrvis::RasterData::unload void   )  [pure virtual]

Free all memory allocated by the pixel data.

Implemented in vrvis::ImageBand< DataTypeT >.

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