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vrvis::RotateAction Class Reference

Abstract monostate base class for RotateXAction and RotateYAction. More...

#include <DefaultActions.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for vrvis::RotateAction:

vrvis::AnalogAction vrvis::Action vrvis::RotateXAction vrvis::RotateYAction List of all members.

Public Member Functions

virtual ~RotateAction (void)
 Virtual Destructor.
void execute (const float cAnalogDataValue)=0
 Execute the rotation; to be implemented by the child classes.

Protected Member Functions

 RotateAction (const std::string &crName)
 Constructor that passes the given name to AnalogAction.

Static Protected Attributes

const float scScaleFactor = 0.05f
 Factor to scale incoming analog values with to yield a rotation angle.

Detailed Description

Abstract monostate base class for RotateXAction and RotateYAction. Its only purpose is to share common variables among its child classes.
See also:
RotateXAction, RotateYAction

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

RotateAction::~RotateAction void   )  [virtual]

Virtual destructor.

RotateAction::RotateAction const std::string &  crName  )  [protected]

Protected constructor that passes the name of implementing child classes to the AnalogAction constructor.

[in] crName Name of the RotateAction.

Member Function Documentation

void vrvis::RotateAction::execute const float  cAnalogDataValue  )  [pure virtual]

Implements vrvis::AnalogAction.

Implemented in vrvis::RotateXAction, and vrvis::RotateYAction.

Member Data Documentation

const float RotateAction::scScaleFactor = 0.05f [static, protected]

This means, a (theoretical) incoming analog value of 1.0f would result in a 0.05f degree rotation of the scene.

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