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vrvis::RotateXAction Class Reference

Default Action that rotates the scene around its X coordinate axis. More...

#include <DefaultActions.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for vrvis::RotateXAction:

vrvis::RotateAction vrvis::AnalogAction vrvis::Action List of all members.

Public Member Functions

 RotateXAction (void)
 ~RotateXAction (void)
void execute (const float cAnalogDataValue)
 Calculate angle from the incoming analog value and rotate the scene.

Detailed Description

Part of the "DefaultActionSet". If the incoming analog value exceeds AnalogAction's THRESHOLD value, the scene is rotated around its local X axis.
See also:
RotateYAction, AnalogAction::THRESHOLD

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

RotateXAction::RotateXAction void   ) 

Constructs a RotateXAction object.

RotateXAction::~RotateXAction void   ) 


Member Function Documentation

void RotateXAction::execute const float  cAnalogDataValue  )  [virtual]

The incoming analog value is checked for exceeding the THRESHOLD value; if yes, the angle is calculated and Input's translation/rotation matrix is rotated.

[in] cAnalogDataValue Analog value (0.0 - 1.0) coming from the connected analog device.

Implements vrvis::RotateAction.

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