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vrvis::Selectable Class Reference

Abstract interface that represents objects that can be selected. More...

#include <Selectable.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for vrvis::Selectable:

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Public Member Functions

virtual ~Selectable (void)
 Virtual Destructor.
void select (void)
 Select this Selectable.
void deselect (void)
 Deselect this Selectable.
bool isSelected (void) const
 Check if this Selectable is currently selected.
bool & getSelectionHandle (void)
 Get read-write access to this Selectable's state member.

Protected Member Functions

 Selectable (void)

Detailed Description

Selectable is effectively an abstract state handling interface that objects can inherit to adopt the functionality of being selected. Typically, Selectables are also Drawables and change their visual appearance in the scene when selected.
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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual vrvis::Selectable::~Selectable void   )  [inline, virtual]

Virtual Destructor.

vrvis::Selectable::Selectable void   )  [inline, protected]

Protected constructor.

Protected constructor; to be called only by implementing child classes.

Member Function Documentation

void vrvis::Selectable::deselect void   )  [inline]

Deselect this Selectable by making its state member false.

bool& vrvis::Selectable::getSelectionHandle void   )  [inline]

Get a read-write handle to this Selectable's state member.

A reference to this Selectable's state member.

bool vrvis::Selectable::isSelected void   )  const [inline]

Get the current selection state of this Selectable.

The current selection state; true if selected, false if not.

void vrvis::Selectable::select void   )  [inline]

Select this Selectable by making its state member true.

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