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ColorDataDefs.hpp File Reference

Definition of the ColorDataMap exchange type. More...

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namespace  vrvis


typedef std::map< eColor,
RasterData * > 
 Type mapping RasterData objects to their color interpretation.


enum  eColor { NONE = -1, RED = 0, GREEN = 1, BLUE = 2 }
 Fundamental colors plus "not defined" value. More...

Detailed Description

This header contains all information needed for the exchange of RasterData objects and the assigned fundamental colors.

Typedef Documentation

typedef std::map<eColor, RasterData*> vrvis::ColorDataMap

Map type that assigns a specific RasterData object to a Color. This type is used to exchange this information between different data handling classes.

See also:
LayerComponent, Texture

Enumeration Type Documentation

enum eColor

Color enum, containing the three fundamental colors and a "not defined" value. Each color has its common index value, so they can easily be used as array indices.

Enumeration values:

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