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The overall VRVis namespace. More...


class  vrvis::Action
 Abstract base class of all Actions. More...
class  vrvis::AnalogAction
 Abstract base class of all Actions triggered by analog events. More...
class  vrvis::DigitalAction
 Abstract base class of all Actions triggered by digital events. More...
class  vrvis::ActionSet
 Represents a logical group of Actions. More...
class  vrvis::ConfigReader
 Reader class for a config file in the form [key]=[value]. More...
class  vrvis::TranslateAction
 Default Action to translate the scene. More...
class  vrvis::ZoomAction
 Abstract monostate base class for ZoomInAction and ZoomOutAction. More...
class  vrvis::ZoomInAction
 Default Action that zooms into the scene. More...
class  vrvis::ZoomOutAction
 Default Action that zooms out of the scene. More...
class  vrvis::RotateAction
 Abstract monostate base class for RotateXAction and RotateYAction. More...
class  vrvis::RotateXAction
 Default Action that rotates the scene around its X coordinate axis. More...
class  vrvis::RotateYAction
 Default Action that rotates the scene around its Y coordinate axis. More...
class  vrvis::Drawable
 Class representing all things that can be drawn into the scene. More...
class  vrvis::Image< DataTypeT >
 Represents an image file containing multiple bands/layers of data. More...
class  vrvis::ImageBand< DataTypeT >
 Class representing one band/layer of an image. More...
class  vrvis::Input
 Class representing all input devices and configurable figures. More...
class  vrvis::Layer
 Class representing a 2D plane in 3D space holding multiple LayerComponents. More...
class  vrvis::LayerComponent
 Class representing a visible part of a Layer, visualizing at least one RasterData object. More...
class  vrvis::RasterData
 Interface representing rastered (pixel) data that can be displayed in a LayerComponent. More...
class  vrvis::Selectable
 Abstract interface that represents objects that can be selected. More...
class  vrvis::SelectAction< SelectableT >
 Basic Action that goes through a list of certain Selectables for unique selection. More...
class  vrvis::Texture
 Represents a single texture in a LayerComponent as well as related figures and data. More...
class  vrvis::ToggleAction
 Small Action that toggles a boolean value between its two states. More...
class  vrvis::Vis
 Abstract base class of all visualizations. More...
class  vrvis::VisApp
 Main application that calls everything else; connection to VR Juggler. More...


typedef std::map< eColor,
RasterData * > 
 Type mapping RasterData objects to their color interpretation.


enum  eDirection {
  FRONT = 0, BACK = 1, LEFT = 2, RIGHT = 3,
  UP = 4, DOWN = 5
 Directions in 3D space. More...
enum  eEndOfScale { LOWER = 0, UPPER = 1 }
 "Active" end of a directed scale. More...
enum  eValueModification { DECREASE = 0, INCREASE = 1 }
 Way a numerical value can be modified. More...
enum  eColor { NONE = -1, RED = 0, GREEN = 1, BLUE = 2 }
 Fundamental colors plus "not defined" value. More...


void visInit (int argc, char **argv)
 Initializes the VR Juggler Kernel with the VRJ config file(s).

Detailed Description

The overall VRVis namespace, containing all classes related to VRVis.

Typedef Documentation

typedef std::map<eColor, RasterData*> vrvis::ColorDataMap

Map type that assigns a specific RasterData object to a Color. This type is used to exchange this information between different data handling classes.

See also:
LayerComponent, Texture

Enumeration Type Documentation

enum eColor

Color enum, containing the three fundamental colors and a "not defined" value. Each color has its common index value, so they can easily be used as array indices.

Enumeration values:

enum eDirection

Enum that contains straight directions in 3D space. Great as array indices, etc..

Enumeration values:

enum eEndOfScale

Enum that stands for the end of a scale to focus. Mostly used as template arguments, where the same action has to be carried out only slightly different when modifying the one end of a scale than the other..

Enumeration values:

enum eValueModification

Enum to symbolize the way a value is modified; good as status flags, etc..

Enumeration values:

Function Documentation

void vrvis::visInit int  argc,
char **  argv

Initialized the VR Juggler kernel with all VR Juggler config files (.jconf) given at the command line. Prints error message if no suitable files are provided.

[in] argc Number of command line arguments.
[in] argv Array of command line arguments.

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