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vrvis::AnalogAction Class Reference

Abstract base class of all Actions triggered by analog events. More...

#include <Action.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for vrvis::AnalogAction:

vrvis::Action vrvis::RotateAction vrvis::RotateXAction vrvis::RotateYAction List of all members.

Public Member Functions

virtual ~AnalogAction (void)
 Virtual destructor.
virtual void execute (const float cAnalogDataValue)=0
 Executes this AnalogAction.

Static Public Attributes

const float THRESHOLD = 0.12f
 Threshold value to be exceeded before the Action is carried out.

Protected Member Functions

 AnalogAction (const std::string &crName)
 Standard constructor.

Detailed Description

All Actions that are triggered by analog input devices (Wheels, Sliders, ...) are represented by this class.
See also:
Action, DigitalAction

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AnalogAction::~AnalogAction void   )  [virtual]

Virtual destructor. Does nothing.

AnalogAction::AnalogAction const std::string &  crName  )  [protected]

Constructor. Forwards the given Action name to its parent constructor.

[in] crName Name of the AnalogAction.

Member Function Documentation

void AnalogAction::execute const float  cAnalogDataValue  )  [pure virtual]

Pure virtual execution function to be implemented by derived classes.

[in] cAnalogDataValue Output value of the analog VR Juggler input device linked to this AnalogAction. Normalized float (0.0f - 1.0f).
See also:
Documentation Juggler Suite - Gadgeteer

Implemented in vrvis::RotateAction, vrvis::RotateXAction, and vrvis::RotateYAction.

Member Data Documentation

const float AnalogAction::THRESHOLD = 0.12f [static]

Covenience threshold value that can be used by implementing AnalogAction child classes to avoid the jitter of most analog devices' analog data value occuring in their rest position.

Usage of this value is up to the implementing child classes, as there is a huge variety of devices (wheels, triggers, analog buttons, ...) that each have to deal with an initial threshold in a different way.

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