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vrvis::DigitalAction Class Reference

Abstract base class of all Actions triggered by digital events. More...

#include <Action.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for vrvis::DigitalAction:

vrvis::Action vrvis::SelectAction< SelectableT > vrvis::ToggleAction vrvis::TranslateAction vrvis::ZoomAction vrvis::ZoomInAction vrvis::ZoomOutAction List of all members.

Public Member Functions

virtual ~DigitalAction (void)
 Virtual destructor.
virtual void execute (const gadget::Digital::State cButtonState)=0
 Executes this DigitalAction.

Protected Member Functions

 DigitalAction (const std::string &crName)
 Standard constructor.

Detailed Description

All Actions that are triggered by digital input devices (Buttons) are represented by this class.
See also:
Action, AnalogAction

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

DigitalAction::~DigitalAction void   )  [virtual]

Virtual destructor. Does nothing.

DigitalAction::DigitalAction const std::string &  crName  )  [protected]

Constructor. Forwards the given Action name to its parent constructor.

[in] crName Name of the DigitalAction.

Member Function Documentation

void DigitalAction::execute const gadget::Digital::State  cButtonState  )  [pure virtual]

Pure virtual execution function to be implemented by derived classes.

[in] cButtonState Output value of the digital VR Juggler input device linked to this DigitalAction. The state is one of the following:
  • gadget::Digital::ON
    Button is pressed and was already pressed last update.
  • gadget::Digital::OFF
    Button is released and was already released last update.
  • gadget::Digital::TOGGLE_ON
    Button was released before and is now pressed.
  • gadget::Digital::TOGGLE_OFF
    Button was pressed before and is now released.
See also:
Documentation Juggler Suite - Gadgeteer

Implemented in vrvis::TranslateAction, vrvis::ZoomAction, vrvis::ZoomInAction, vrvis::ZoomOutAction, vrvis::SelectAction< SelectableT >, and vrvis::ToggleAction.

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