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VRVis Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
vrvis::ActionAbstract base class of all Actions
vrvis::ActionSetRepresents a logical group of Actions
vrvis::AnalogActionAbstract base class of all Actions triggered by analog events
vrvis::ConfigReaderReader class for a config file in the form [key]=[value]
vrvis::DigitalActionAbstract base class of all Actions triggered by digital events
vrvis::DrawableClass representing all things that can be drawn into the scene
vrvis::Image< DataTypeT >Represents an image file containing multiple bands/layers of data
vrvis::ImageBand< DataTypeT >Class representing one band/layer of an image
vrvis::InputClass representing all input devices and configurable figures
vrvis::LayerClass representing a 2D plane in 3D space holding multiple LayerComponents
vrvis::LayerComponentClass representing a visible part of a Layer, visualizing at least one RasterData object
vrvis::RasterDataInterface representing rastered (pixel) data that can be displayed in a LayerComponent
vrvis::RotateActionAbstract monostate base class for RotateXAction and RotateYAction
vrvis::RotateXActionDefault Action that rotates the scene around its X coordinate axis
vrvis::RotateYActionDefault Action that rotates the scene around its Y coordinate axis
vrvis::SelectableAbstract interface that represents objects that can be selected
vrvis::SelectAction< SelectableT >Basic Action that goes through a list of certain Selectables for unique selection
vrvis::TextureRepresents a single texture in a LayerComponent as well as related figures and data
vrvis::ToggleActionSmall Action that toggles a boolean value between its two states
vrvis::TranslateActionDefault Action to translate the scene
vrvis::VisAbstract base class of all visualizations
vrvis::VisAppMain application that calls everything else; connection to VR Juggler
vrj::GlAppVR Juggler application object for OpenGL based applications
vrvis::ZoomActionAbstract monostate base class for ZoomInAction and ZoomOutAction
vrvis::ZoomInActionDefault Action that zooms into the scene
vrvis::ZoomOutActionDefault Action that zooms out of the scene

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