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vrvis::Vis Class Reference

Abstract base class of all visualizations. More...

#include <Vis.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for vrvis::Vis:

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Public Member Functions

virtual ~Vis (void)
 Virtual destructor.
virtual void createComponents (void)=0
 Create all visualization components.
virtual void draw (void)=0
 Draw graphics owned by the visualization.

Protected Member Functions

 Vis (void)
InputgetInput (void)
 Get the Input pointer.

Detailed Description

Represents the central object of VRVis: a visualization. All user-defined visualizations have to be derived from this class and implement its abstract methods/interfaces.
See also:
Design, calling cycle

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Vis::~Vis void   )  [virtual]

Virtual destructor.

Vis::Vis void   )  [protected]

Protected constructor; to be called only by implementing child classes.

Member Function Documentation

Vis::createComponents void   )  [pure virtual]

Pure virtual method to initialize all kinds of visualization components, e.g. Layers, LayerComponents and Actions.

Vis::draw void   )  [pure virtual]

Pure virtual method, forwarded from Drawable. This is the place to put all things you want the visualization itself to draw in the scene.

See also:

Implements vrvis::Drawable.

Input * Vis::getInput void   )  [protected]

Input accessor for child classes. The corresponding member is hidden for design reasons.

Input pointer.

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