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vrvis::ConfigReader Class Reference

Reader class for a config file in the form [key]=[value]. More...

#include <ConfigReader.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

Constructor & Destructor
 ConfigReader (const std::string &crFilename)
 Constructor that takes a file name.
 ~ConfigReader (void)
const std::string & getFilename (void)
 Get the name of the config file.
std::map< std::string, std::string > & getKeyValueMap (void)
 Get STL map with key-value pairs.

Detailed Description

Basic reader for config files that hold values in the [key]=[value] format. Provides access to the values through an STL map.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ConfigReader::ConfigReader const std::string &  crFilename  ) 

Constructs a ConfigReader object out of a given config file path.

crFilename Path to the config file.

ConfigReader::~ConfigReader void   ) 


Member Function Documentation

const std::string & ConfigReader::getFilename void   ) 

Filename accessor.

Filename string.

std::map< std::string, std::string > & ConfigReader::getKeyValueMap void   ) 

Key-value accessor.

STL map containing key and value string pairs.

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